Exploration Planning

Finding the mines of tomorrow


We effectively map open-pit and underground mines to improve grade control, ore reserve modelling, mine plans and near mine drill targeting. Mineral exploration, most frequently being the first step of a mine’s life cycle, is of vital importance in the determination of the size and value of the mine. A successful exploration program is centred on utilising the most effective methods and assessments that will help you make the most of your mineral targets better understanding on their investments. Under our expert guidance and with our state-of-the-art targeting, assessment and development tools, we can minimise your risks, cut costs and reduce time frames.


Our independent assessments and advice are provided by our skilled consultants with extensive knowledge of the processes of ore body formation and distribution within a wide range of geological and tectonic settings. Our exploration services involve the integration of complex data sets which are used to generate and refine targets, identify controls on ore bodies. The resource value is maximised through the application of leading geological modelling and resource estimation techniques, as well as complying with JORC and NI43-101 reporting requirements.



- Exploration project management

- Exploration and drill planning, drill spacing studies, sampling protocol definition

- Property and project evaluations, assessments and audits

- Regional tectonic and metallogenic syntheses to provide context for province selection, property acquisition and project generation, including ranking of exploration targets for specific deposit styles or commodities

- Detailed structural analysis, from basin-to ore deposite-scale, emphasising 4D (3D+tme) controls on minerallisation

- Advanced geophysical and geological interpretation of remote sensing data

- Deposit-scale structural evaluation to define geotechnical domains and hydrogeological controls

- Exploration risk evaluations

- Geophysical modelling/enhancement processing/data visualisation

- Tailored, onsite structural geology training courses with a focus on practical tools for exploration and mine geologysts