Resource/Energy  Modelling and Estimation

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The Group has a team of staff with experience and knowledge in geology, petroleum and mining to provide estimation of resources for natural resources assets. With a strong knowledge base of geology and geotechnical theory, together with extensive experience, the Group is able to provide fair and reasonable estimation to its clients and thereby assisting them to fully understand the true potential of their natural resources. During the Track Record Period, scope of services included, among others, resource estimation and classification, 2-dimension and 3-dimension mineralisation, structural and geological modeling, production estimation and reconciliation, evaluation of exploration process and resources model audit.


- Evaluation of exploration properties

- Reviews of exploration sampling results and QAQC procedures

- Optimisation of drillhole targeting for resource definition

- Exploration and database management

- Creation of 2D and 3D geological, structural and mineralisation models

- Statistical and geostatistical analysis

- Resources estimation, classification and reporting for all stages of projects from scoping studies through to feasibility studies and operating mines

- Due diligence reviews of geological interpretation and resource estimates

- Metal accounting and production reconciliations